100WC Week#14 by Charles


Posted by Charles | Posted in General News | Posted on 05-01-2018

Angry Monkey Exam Results


A normal day in L.A.,

Not nervous about the results,


Ready to celebrate and party,

Yay! Results are in!


Made no effort in big red letters,

Only a D? This is rigged,

Now I’m going bananas,

Kale might cool me down,

Everyone else has good results,

Yesterday, I was fine,

So, why is my anger declining my rules?


Everyone is celebrating,

Xmas wish is a fail

Another day of stress,

Maybe this computer will make me better.


Rage quit college and fail life,

Eager to drink like Homer Simpson,

Shower in soup,

Underneath the table shrieking,

Long gone to Hong Kong,

Tipping the waiter and chattering,

Staying away from school!



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