100WC Week#14 by Millie-Jay


Posted by millie-jay | Posted in General News | Posted on 05-01-2018

It was a rainy day so Miya -a young monkey- was sitting on the coach watching monkey films. She decided she wanted some bananas so she lo0ked in the cupboard. Unfortunately, she realised, there were no bananas left so she went of to order some online to be delivered. She ordered 50 bananas to last her the a week, which is seven days. Meanwhile, she waited for them to be delivered as she thought they would be there as quick as a rocket. They hadn’t  arrived s0 she checked her laptop and it said they wouldn’t be there for another week. She then threw the laptop across the room…

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Wow! I want to read on that was funny

Wow! That was funny.

Thanks Maddison, yours was fabulous too.

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