100WC Week#15 by Jamie


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There was once an A-Wing up in space, battling a battle with a Tie-Fighter but, unfortunately, the Tie-Fighter won. As the A-Wing fell to the earth’s atmosphere, it fell and fell, quicker and quicker and eventually it re-entered and hit a little tin shack in New Zealand. It got burnt so much it moulded into a hand with a large, pointy nose on the palm. It will avenge its comrades and will zap any criminals it sees. It landed on a building in Christchurch; it looked like a burnt crisp. This hand was like the Hero of the world and exclaimed: ‘No one is as strong as me!’


100WC Week#15 by Chanelle


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One morning Archie, who was a   scientist, built a magnetic hand called Ronny. He was thinking to himself , “What will I destroy first?”

The next day, Ronny was standing on top of a high wall looking right at the Eiffel Tower. Just then, Archie’s lab was set on fire! Was Archie OK? The hand was not interested though; his plan was to try and blow up the Eiffel Tower. Archie survived but the Eiffel Tower was still in danger! Ronny set a bomb for one minute.  Would Ronny be captured? Would the Eiffel Tower explode?

100WC Week#14 by Joseph


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The Discovery of Henry Hand

Henry Hand is a rare piscivore that can only eat one type of fish. The only type of fish they can eat is cod. This uncommon pest was studied by Alex Hills who travelled to Island. In the whole world, there are only 20 but eventually the population will increase. These creatures, known as mud hands, have furry, muddy skin to protect them in the winter because they live in north Canada. Also, they have long legs so they can flee swiftly and so their predators can not catch them. Hands`s Island sits at the heart of Dusty Depot.


100WC Week#15 by Lacie


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The Potion Whoops

One gloomy day, a scientist (Harry) was studying a new invention the Cow-a-liza. He was busy sketching the machine when a fellow scientist rushed in like a herd of elephants screaming: “Either my Hand-a-liza or my Turkey-pox medicine has smashed and gone everywhere!”

Harry suddenly jumped out of his seat and sprinted to the scene to help Patrick clean up. As soon as he stepped in, his shoe splashed liquid on his foot and he started screaming. “Aarrgghh! What’s happening?” Suddenly,he transformed into a giant, huge hand and quickly he …

100WC Week#15 by Migle


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This creature has been around for years,

Millions even,

It doesn’t have a name;

Though people call it Steven.


It protects our beautiful planet,

Both during night and day,

If there are malicious criminals,

They will have to pay.


It can fly like Superman,

It can shoot lasers from its navy-blue eyes,

When it rescues people,

He receives delicious apple pies.


It has a skin-coloured cape

And shiny skin.

This strange beast is quite chubby

And its not very thin.


It isn’t alone,

It has a super team,

But when I wake up it’s only a dream.





100WC Week#15 by Rocco


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Like an elegant bird the clouds flew by,

as the citizens looked up and said, “Oh my!”

A stern looking hand, standing up straight,

as tall as a tree and as wide as a gate.


His fingers were long and his nails were white,

and his skin shone brightly in the night.

His nose was chubby and his eyes were thin,

he also had super shiny skin.


The hand stepped forward and waved a wave,

he also mentioned that his beard was shaved.

The hand spoke up and said, “Goodbye!”

As the beautiful sea of humans started to cry.


The Junk Junction Hand


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The Junk Junction Hand

One day, Louie the Hand was standing on top of his cosy home (Junk Junction) and saw something below him. It kept beeping and glowing red then he saw five seconds on it. He thought to himself that it was a bomb and he was correct so he jumped down.

He started walking over to it. Now it said one second and he started to run. As he did, it blew and all the junk fell on top of him; his house was destroyed forever.

When he was under the wrecked cars he thought he was going to die.


100WC Week#14 by Charles


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Angry Monkey Exam Results


A normal day in L.A.,

Not nervous about the results,


Ready to celebrate and party,

Yay! Results are in!


Made no effort in big red letters,

Only a D? This is rigged,

Now I’m going bananas,

Kale might cool me down,

Everyone else has good results,

Yesterday, I was fine,

So, why is my anger declining my rules?


Everyone is celebrating,

Xmas wish is a fail

Another day of stress,

Maybe this computer will make me better.


Rage quit college and fail life,

Eager to drink like Homer Simpson,

Shower in soup,

Underneath the table shrieking,

Long gone to Hong Kong,

Tipping the waiter and chattering,

Staying away from school!



100WC Week#14 by Chanelle


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One bright sunny morning, Mr Monkey, Joseph, was off to work. An hour later, Boss Joseph was in his office on Instagram as he posted a picture just before work. When he saw his own photo, he saw that his photo had had no likes. Joseph got really angry and threw his laptop across the table and onto the floor. CRASH!! The laptop was broken like a million pieces of glass on the floor. “Why did I do this?” The next day, Boss Joseph felt really bad for doing that to his laptop. Oh no! Who did this! They’re fired!

100WC Week#14 by Migle


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Mrs Monkey woke up to her monkey children whining and became fed up. She asked them why they were making chaos and they explained that there were no more banana milkshakes, banana biscuits, banana ice cream and banana juice. Mrs Monkey sighed and checked the fridge and, soon after she checked the cupboards; she was horrified. Her cheeky monkey children were right! However, because she was exhausted, she couldn’t be bothered to go to the shop so she went on her banana laptop to check online. To her surprise, they were all sold out so she flung the laptop off the desk.