100WC Week#15 by Chanelle


Posted by Chanelle | Posted in General News | Posted on 19-01-2018

One morning Archie, who was a   scientist, built a magnetic hand called Ronny. He was thinking to himself , “What will I destroy first?”

The next day, Ronny was standing on top of a high wall looking right at the Eiffel Tower. Just then, Archie’s lab was set on fire! Was Archie OK? The hand was not interested though; his plan was to try and blow up the Eiffel Tower. Archie survived but the Eiffel Tower was still in danger! Ronny set a bomb for one minute.  Would Ronny be captured? Would the Eiffel Tower explode?

100WC Week#14 by Chanelle


Posted by Chanelle | Posted in General News | Posted on 05-01-2018

One bright sunny morning, Mr Monkey, Joseph, was off to work. An hour later, Boss Joseph was in his office on Instagram as he posted a picture just before work. When he saw his own photo, he saw that his photo had had no likes. Joseph got really angry and threw his laptop across the table and onto the floor. CRASH!! The laptop was broken like a million pieces of glass on the floor. “Why did I do this?” The next day, Boss Joseph felt really bad for doing that to his laptop. Oh no! Who did this! They’re fired!