100WC Week#15 by Migle


Posted by miglek | Posted in General News | Posted on 19-01-2018

This creature has been around for years,

Millions even,

It doesn’t have a name;

Though people call it Steven.


It protects our beautiful planet,

Both during night and day,

If there are malicious criminals,

They will have to pay.


It can fly like Superman,

It can shoot lasers from its navy-blue eyes,

When it rescues people,

He receives delicious apple pies.


It has a skin-coloured cape

And shiny skin.

This strange beast is quite chubby

And its not very thin.


It isn’t alone,

It has a super team,

But when I wake up it’s only a dream.





100WC Week#14 by Migle


Posted by miglek | Posted in General News | Posted on 05-01-2018

Mrs Monkey woke up to her monkey children whining and became fed up. She asked them why they were making chaos and they explained that there were no more banana milkshakes, banana biscuits, banana ice cream and banana juice. Mrs Monkey sighed and checked the fridge and, soon after she checked the cupboards; she was horrified. Her cheeky monkey children were right! However, because she was exhausted, she couldn’t be bothered to go to the shop so she went on her banana laptop to check online. To her surprise, they were all sold out so she flung the laptop off the desk.