100WC Week#15 by Migle


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This creature has been around for years,

Millions even,

It doesn’t have a name;

Though people call it Steven.


It protects our beautiful planet,

Both during night and day,

If there are malicious criminals,

They will have to pay.


It can fly like Superman,

It can shoot lasers from its navy-blue eyes,

When it rescues people,

He receives delicious apple pies.


It has a skin-coloured cape

And shiny skin.

This strange beast is quite chubby

And its not very thin.


It isn’t alone,

It has a super team,

But when I wake up it’s only a dream.





100WC Week#15 by Rocco


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Like an elegant bird the clouds flew by,

as the citizens looked up and said, “Oh my!”

A stern looking hand, standing up straight,

as tall as a tree and as wide as a gate.


His fingers were long and his nails were white,

and his skin shone brightly in the night.

His nose was chubby and his eyes were thin,

he also had super shiny skin.


The hand stepped forward and waved a wave,

he also mentioned that his beard was shaved.

The hand spoke up and said, “Goodbye!”

As the beautiful sea of humans started to cry.


Our Performance Poetry


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